Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Store Spotlight is Gayl1956

This time around our spotlight shines on Gayl Caul of Gayl's Goodies.  She calls out from Chicago, IL, so while not technically within the Mountain Standard time zone, we are happy to have her as part of our team.  Let's get to know her and her shop a little better.

Infused Designs- How did you come up with the name for your store?

Gayl- Quite accidentally. When I joined Etsy, I came as a buyer with no intention of opening a store. To make it easier to remember my login, I decided to use my eBay identity. Little did I know, I’d be stuck. However, it has become a Blessing. Formally, I am Gayl’s Goodies and plan to open an Etsy store with that name.

ID- Funny how Etsy sucks you in.  :-) How long have you been crafting?

GG- My Mom began teaching me to embroider when I was eleven years old and too ill to play outdoors with other kids. I'm almost 55 now. Since then, I’ve branched off in several directions.

ID -Who taught you?

GG- Mom, Mrs. Jansen, my home EC. teacher in grade school; I’ve had a few teachers for pottery and clay; and there have been seminars for others.

ID- Do you have any formal training in any craft/art subject?

GG- Other than clay, and home EC. as a child, no. But I have taken scrapbooking, cardmaking, and jewelry classes at stores.

ID- That's great.  Your art work shows your attention to detail. When did you open your Etsy store?

GG- December 2009

ID- Do you have other venues you sell at, like craft shows or other online stores?

GG- I'm closing my Artfire store because there was no traffic. I do have an eBay store, that is where I destash my Vera Bradley purses. I've received a prestigious offer, but haven't decided yet.

ID- Wow, good luck with the offer. What is one of your favorite items in your store?

GG- It has to be my gold and pearl necklace, because I loved it so much, I made an identical one for me. Feels SO LUXURIOUS!

ID- It's beautiful! Where do you gain inspiration for your items?

GG- Easy. Nature. I am a woman of deep faith, a minister, and I love working with the natural materials God created. I love to see how they look in combination. Additionally, I am OCD about my designs, working toward what looks and feels just right.

ID- Do you feel like you have found a niche for the items you sell?

GG- Yes! Not only that, but I have found such wonderful friendships that I am convinced will be lifelong.

ID- What advice can you give your fellow team members?

GG- Trust your instincts, but don’t be afraid to reach out and try new things. BNRs and BNSs and getting active with teams is something new for me. At first, I was overwhelmed, but giving it time has led to some wonderful experiences and increased sales in my shop. Thank you everyone! Wonderful to meet you all.

Thank you, Gayl.  We are glad to meet you and get to know you better as well.

You can see more of Gayl's goodies at:

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  1. Thank you Gayl and Arina. I always love reading these Friday spotlights and getting to know the team members a little better :)

    Gayl, we are glad you are a part of the team!



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