Monday, September 26, 2011

Create a Treasury based on...

 Zaisy is our featured shop for the weekly, "featured item treasury," chosen by last week's featured shop, "Lilly Jane Jewelry." Zaisy will get to choose the featured item for next week.

*Create a treasury based on this gorgeous charm necklace, using at least 8 MSTTeam shops. (Tell a story and/or create a theme).


--The featured item will be posted on Sunday nights. You have that week to make a treasury based on that one item.
--Create a theme or tell a story with your treasury.
--Use at least 8 MSTTeam shops in the treasury
--Post your treasury link in that week's thread so we can all see them, click and favorite, and comment.
--The new featured item will be chosen by the shop that was just featured. (I will choose the first shop).

This can become a great way for you to get shop exposure. If we create a ton of great treasuries, we have a good chance of making the front page.

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