Sponsorship on this blog is totally free to all members. This is a fabulous way to promote your shop outside of Etsy, and blog readers are eager to see what you have to offer. There are a few requirements to apply to be a sponsor.

Sponsorship Requirements:
1. At least one full page of items in your shop (minimum 10).
2. Beautiful, clear, front page of Etsy worthy photos.
3. 100% positive feedback.
4. Active team membership (participates, posts regularly in forums, etc)
5. Be a follower of the blog.

You must also have a 190x190 sized button for the front of the blog. If you do not have a button, or if your button does not fit well with the theme of the blog, contact one of the team leaders and we will try to help you!

Send your button to a team leader through convo, and a leave a short description of how you meet the above requirements in the convo or the comment section below. Thanks.


  1. Margie from ClassyCandlesbyMargi says

    I'd like to apply as a blog sponsor. I'll go to the blogspot!

  2. I would like to apply to be a sponsor as well! I meet all the requirements!

  3. Sorry Mrs brown I just saw this! Will work on your button! Thanks :)



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