Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Store Spotlight is Smiley Kit!

And our next spotlighted store and person is SmileyKit, who goes by Laura Miller, in the ‘real world’, and hales from Sacramento,California. She creates beaded items that are really fun and fancy.

Infused Designs- How did you come up with the name for your store?

Smiley Kit- The word 'smiley' comes from before my husband and I got married. When we first met he was a bartender and I was in the Navy, I use to visit the club and was always tired, never smiled. When I would go to get a drink, I never smiled and he refused to serve me until I smiled. Hence I picked up the name 'smiley' from him. The 'kit' part is my daughter’s nickname 'kitten'.  I used her name since she also helps me out a lot. All my items are hand drawn on to graph paper by her, and then I make them.

ID- That is a fun way to come up with a name.  How long have you been crafting?

SK- I started crafting as far back as I can remember. I have always loved to draw and 'doodle' as a kid. I picked up beading back in the late 80s for fun. I had to stop when my daughter was born, she was very ill as a baby. I recently picked it back up once I saw her interest in art and her creativity.

ID- And it would seem that she enjoys working with you. Who taught you?

SK- I basically taught myself in the beginning. I have only taken one art class in High School. I have also learned a great deal from the Internet watching videos and doing a lot of reading.

ID- Do you have any formal training in any craft/art subject?

SK- I have never taken any type of classes.

ID- When did you open your Etsy store?

SK- My shop opened on September 1, 2010

ID- Great!  Then you have an anniversary coming up!  Do you have other venues you sell at, like craft shows or other online stores?

SK- Not at this time, but I have been looking into finding some local craft shows to participate in.

ID- What is one of your favorite items in your store?

SK- I think I would have to say my favorite items are the new little charms I have started doing. I just love my little blue penguin. He came out so cute I have had to keep him for myself.

ID- I must agree, he is adorable. Where do you gain inspiration for your items?

SK- Mostly things just happen to come to me during the day. As I have a huge love for animals I enjoy coming up with new animals I can do.

ID- Yes, your animal earrings are very cool.  I’m partial to the kitty ones. Do you feel like you have found a niche for the items you sell?

SK- Yes I have. I have always loved crafting yet could never quite put it into perspective to do until now.

ID- What advice can you give your fellow team members?

SK- Stick with it, get involved with your Team members and visit often to get to know other Etsy folks here. Particapate in some BNRs and BNSs and just chit chat. This is a great way to get noticed by others and find some wonderful friends. Don't give up too quickly as it does take some time and patience to get noticed both on Etsy and outside of Etsy. My number one piece of advice, is to just have fun with what you do!

Laura, that is some great advice, thank you!  And thank you for letting me interview you.  OK, MSTTeam members you’ve gotten the scoop on SmileyKit right here, now go check out her store and give it some love.  As a note she is currently having a sale!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Spotlight is Little Jade Lizard

    This weeks Friday Spotlight is all about Little Jade Lizard, who hales from Northern New Mexico. She is pretty famous already.  She shows up in just about every BNR/S that I see around Etsy and she is always glad to help promote.  She is also a fun person to chat with.  Here are the answers to some questions I had for her.

Infused Designs: What is your full name, so we can know the 'face' behind the shop?

Little Jade Lizard: My name is Lois J. Libiran... (Little Jade Lizard) used my initials in my shop name.. I thought it would be fun.

ID: That is super fun!  I wish I had thought of that.  How long have you been crafting?

LJL: We learned how to sew buttons on, and patch when I was old enough to thread and hold a needle. I was born into a large family and crafting was a way to make ends meet. So, I would say I have been doing some form of crafting all my life. 

ID: Who taught you?

LJL: I learned a lot of crafting from my Mother and through 4-H classes. One of my Aunts taught several of the classes. I lived in a small community where 4-H was a big part of the festivities throughout the year.

ID: Do you have any formal training in anything?

LJL: The most formal instructions I have had were through 4-H, where I learned to sew, crochet, garden,and embroider. Never got into the sewing though. I have picked up the sketching on my own over the years and started airbrushing off and on in the 90's.

When did you open your Etsy store?

LJL: My Etsy store was opened in June of 2009. 

ID: Congratulations on your recent 2 year anniversary!  Do you have other venues you sell at, like craft shows or other online stores?

LJL: Yes, I also have a Zazzle shop; and Cafepress shop; where I sell my designs. These companies are called print on demand, anyone can go in with their own design and get it put on a tee shirt, mug, phone cover and several other products. I have thought about craft shows, but have not tried one yet.

ID: Cool, we'll all have to go check out those websites as well. What is one of your favorite items in your store?

LJL: The Radi-Koke character is my favorite guy in the shop. He just kind of sprung out of my first visit to New Mexico years ago. But I would say my favorite item is our new Solar night light. It is so fun working with my husband in the workshop making this night light. 

ID: I love your Radi-Koke character, but your nightlights are cool too. The monkey is so fun! Where do you gain inspiration for your items?

LJL: It may sound funny, but some of my characters come from dreams I have had. That is how Radi-Koke came about, and the book Dragon Skurfers that I wrote a few years back was because I kept dreaming of Dragons and snowboarding.

ID: Dragons that snowboard.  Now that's something I've got to see! Do you feel like you have found a niche for the items you sell?

LJL: Etsy is the perfect place to sell a lot of my items, I have so many things I am working on and it gives me a great place to chat and check out what may, or may not work in the future. 

ID: What advice can you give your fellow team members?

LJL: Chat. That is my best advice for fellow Etsian. Since I joined some great teams and have been in the bnr/bns world I have learned so much and met so many great shop owners. My sales have increased and so has my knowledge of tags and how Etsy works. The new friends I have met make it all so fun too.

      Thank you, Lois, for giving such great advice and giving us the chance to get to know you and your shop better.  It's been a pleasure and I'm confident that we will continue to see you around Etsy for a very long time.  

       If you haven't already, go check out Little Jade Lizard's shop at:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mountain Standard Traders

This is a list of Mountain Standard Timers who like to trade. The list is short, but growing!

Beadznstonezsupplies - Will trade her clearance/destash items only. No children's items,  please.
Bookishkind - Will trade books and some vintage items only. No jewelry or supplies, please.
InfusedDesigns - No children's items or jewelry, but just about anything else!
SharkHatCafe - Will trade her zines for items she needs.

Your shop added next, just let me know! Thanks!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Spotlight is BookishKind, our team leader!

For our first official Friday Spotlight I thought it would be great to get to know our captain, Andrea, from BookishKind, who is happy to be called Bookish.  I gave her a few questions to answer and this is what she had to say.

Infused Designs- How long have you been crafting?

Bookish- I am actually not a crafter, but a lover of old books and other vintage stuff. I started off selling misc stuff, but soon became a full fledged vintage bookshop/boutique (one of my dreams).

ID - Who taught you?

Bookish- My oldest sister, Diane, shares her talents by supplying gorgeous handmade "boutique" items for the shop. You won't see anything else like her stuff on etsy - so pretty and unique!

ID - When did you open your Etsy store?

Bookish - My etsy shop opened up in February of 2010, and I've enjoyed every minute!

ID -Do you have other venues you sell at, like craft shows or other online stores?

Bookish -I don't sell at any other venue really, except "Paperback Swap," but I love to trade and have a whole heap of books lying around that are not vintage. I think I'm addicted to them.

ID -What is one of your favorite items in your store?

Bookish - This book, for sentimental reasons, is one of my favorites in the shop. I love the Anne of Green Gables books.

ID -Do you feel like you have found a niche for the items you sell?
Bookish -I do believe I have found a niche on etsy. I think having a passion for great literature and having that be the focus of my shop, helps others who love similar books find me and remember me. There are a lot of book sellers on etsy, but I think our little bookshop has a great variety of classic literature that makes us unique.

ID -What advice can you give your fellow team members?

Bookish -Advice for fellow team members - participate in the team, it's such a fun and amazing way to get to know others, promote your own shop, and to help each other. If we support each other, it works so everyone has their place.

Let’s all thank Bookish for all that she does for the team by showing her store some love.  Stop by, favorite a few items, send her a convo, and enjoy life on the Mountain Standard Timers Team!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Member Spotlights!

Starting this Friday, Aug 12th, I will be doing a spotlight of a member and their store.  This will be a great way for us to get to know each other and give each other's stores some love.  If you want to suggest a store for this spotlight then feel free to contact me, Arina, of Infused Designs.

Lotus Jewels

We have so many wonderful jewelry sellers here on our team, and Lotus Jewels is one of them. She specializes in handwoven and handbraided jewelry. Here are some beautiful examples of her work.
Lotus is also one of our wonderful team leaders. She runs the team Facebook page, helping promote shops and items of MSTTeam members, and posting about team happenings. She also helps promote for our weekly team buy and replace. We appreciate all she does and are lucky to have her!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Roselynn Designs

Roselynn Designs offers gorgeous handmade jewelry, made with "beads, stones, and wire." Each piece is unique and lovely. Check out her shop here.
Roselynn is one of our awesome Mountain Standard Timers team leaders. 
She helps promote the team through our weekly "Buy and Replace" Treasuries. 
We are lucky to have her!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Designs By Helen

Designs By Helen is a photography and design shop. 
She created the team banners you see here.
Check out her gorgeous photographs here.

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