Sunday, October 30, 2011

About MSTTeam

So you've joined the team, now what?
Here are some things you should know about this team:

*Our monthly newsletter (sent by email) tells what is happening each month with the team (dates to remember, useful links, etc). You can join the team email by contacting a team leader - see sidebar.

*We have a facebook page you can join, (the link is to your right), where your shop may be promoted to others and where ideas to help your shop are posted, (such as how to get free business cards!)

* You can sign up for Team Treasury Days (Every other Tuesday, 1-2 days per month,), where you make one treasury and get featured in 16 other treasuries the day you sign up.

*You can create featured item team treasuries anytime to help promote team members, who in turn, may do the same for you.

*We have the first-ever, (as far as I know!), "Rolling Treasury" on etsy. The treasury rotates with seasonal happenings, such as the "Christmas edition." You can shop other team stores from the link at the top of this blog.

*There are threads on the board where you can find others in your state or area to meet up with or network with. Post to those threads and get to know people. Networking helps get you sales.

*We have a team blog where you follow team happenings. Every month a new shop is spotlighted/interviewed so you can get to know them better. We also have the monthly "roundup" of gorgeous items spotted from team shops (maybe yours!).

*We have an official team tag that you can use when making treasuries or posting items in your shop. It is "MSTTeam" You can also use "mountain standard timers," as well.

*We are glad you are here!



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